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San Benedetto has meant well-being since the beginning of its history and has always been committed to quality for the whole family.

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San Benedetto is a network of the brands that have made its history giving a start to numerous products, tastes and formats fit for every moment. Quality, safety, and innovation combined with a strong respect for the land and commitment to environmental sustainability are the values that San Benedetto has always stood by to guarantee high quality standards and a great choice of products that meet the customers’ needs.

Acque Minerali San Benedetto, Ecogreen

San Benedetto Mineral Water

If you think of a nearby water source, think of San Benedetto, the purity of six selected sources one step away from your home.

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San Benedetto, brand, millennium water

Millennium Water

Antica Fonte della Salute Millennium Water is mineral water of millenary purity in an exclusively designed bottle especially for fine restaurants.

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San Benedetto, brand, the

San Benedetto Tea

All the natural pleasure of the tea leaves infusion with mineral water for a thirst-quenching and low-calorie experience.

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San Benedetto Premium Tea

San Benedetto Premium Tea

A recipe for the finest establishments, infused with fine tea leaves. An experience that involves all the senses.

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San Benedetto, brand, bibite gassate

Fizzy Drinks

The line of highly carbonated  drinks to savor the moments of authentic Italian joy, in many flavors and formats.

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San Benedetto, brand,  succoso

San Benedetto Succoso

A wide range of products based on fruit juice and pure mineral water, to have a cheerful start.

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San Benedetto, brand, skincare


The dietary supplement with natural mineral water enriched with Collagen, Zinc and Hyaluronic Acid.

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San Benedetto, brand, acquavitamin


Innovative drink with vitamins in mineral water: to rediscover the fresh taste of fruit. 

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San Benedetto, brand, baby

Linea Baby

The line of child-friendly products bottled in a protected environment equipped with Pull&Push lid.

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San Benedetto, brand, aperitivi

San Benedetto Aperitifs

Non-alcoholic aperitifs line to be enjoyed with friends at home.

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