Our commitment for the environment

With our choices we can protect the environment and keep water pure and uncontaminated for future generations.

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Environmental sustainability

We have been committed to environmental sustainability for the past 40 years, implementing a policy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which we do by following the principle of the 4Rs.



We invest constantly in research and development, and this has enabled us to adopt new production processes, new materials and new methods.



We breathe new life into PET bottles, and our product range features packaging made from recycled plastic (RPET).



We reduce the use of PET in our packaging. The bottles we produce weigh less, which leads to real energy savings.



We purchase credits to finance environmental defence projects that offset all the CO₂ eq emissions generated by our products.

Green Energy

RPET recycling

CO2 offsetting

Production processes

Clean energy

Clean energy

Efficiency, sustainability and environment are the three pillars that guide our decisions to use clean energy.

Together with E.ON Connecting Energies, we have built a new 13.2 MW natural gas-fired trigeneration plant at our Scorzè (Venice) site, using CHCP (Combined Heat, Cooling and Power) technology capable of reducing our CO2 eq emissions by around 25,300 t from start-up to the end of 2018*, and 12,685 t CO2 eq in 2020.

We have also adopted LED lighting in all our plants and installed photovoltaic modules at Viggianello and Popoli.

*compared to the non-use of the trigeneration plant and therefore to the use of electricity from the national grid

Did you know that PET is 100% recyclable?

Did you know that PET is 100% recyclable?

We use recycled plastic for the Ecogreen range. PET packaging complies with the strict hygiene conditions imposed in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors.

RPET gives new life to plastic bottles recovered from the environment and separated by type, shredded, ground and then washed. RPET production reduces the use of virgin plastic and results in savings in CO₂ emissions.

The new EASY 100 Eco 1L bottle is made from 100% recycled plastic. San Benedetto is working on numerous fronts to fulfil its commitment to the environment and the community.

Carbon Neutral: zero impact.

Carbon Neutral: zero impact.

Every year we calculate the amount of greenhouse gases generated during the entire life cycle of our products, with the aim of minimising CO₂ emissions. Just think that, for the Ecogreen range, we have neutralised no less than 182,110 tonnes of CO2 equivalent over the last seven years.
Offsetting means neutralising CO₂ emissions through environmental protection projects.

In this way, emissions that cannot be avoided in one place are reduced or absorbed elsewhere on the Earth. By financing projects that use renewable energy or encourage the planting of trees, real “credits” are generated and these can be used by companies to offset their CO2 eq ""debts"" and become entirely carbon neutral.

*Data and information taken from the ISO 14067:2018 Systematic Approach Study - CSQA Certificate of Verification n° 59740, 30/04/2020.

Technological innovation dedicated to the environment

Technological innovation dedicated to the environment

Environmental sustainability is an essential factor in our business model.

For this reason we have initiated a virtuous process along the entire production chain and have succeeded in converting production in favour of the environment in an innovative and distinctive way, reducing the raw material (PET) used by 40% and avoiding waste.

Today, our entire production department uses energy-efficient, low-emission machinery and we continue to strive to improve performance and become even greener.

Innovation for sustainability

25,300 t

of CO₂ eq saved from start-up until 2018

10,500 t

of CO₂ eq saved every year


electricity supplied in a year


thermal energy supplied every year

San Benedetto ECOGREEN 100 ECO

san benedetto, sostenibilita, video, Brumotti

Together for the environment


san benedetto, sostenibilita, accordo, volontario

Voluntary Agreement with the Ministry of Ecologic Transition

Our sense of responsibility and willingness to pursue an innovative path in the name of sustainability.

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When you think of water close to home, you think of San Benedetto.

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