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We care about our land, we reduce the environmental impact and we are always looking for new formats to match your needs: your well-being is our job.


San Benedetto | Mineral waters

San Benedetto Ecogreen

The CO2 Impact Zero mineral water line since 2010 because it offsets 100% of residual emissions. 

San Benedetto | Mineral waters

San Bendetto Mineral Water

If you think of a nearby water, you think of San Benedetto: the purity of more springs one step away from your home.

San benedetto, acqua, imparare natura

from nature

Protect nature with us: Ecogreen is the sustainable line launched to reduce the environmental impact and offset 100% of CO₂ emissions through greenhouse gas reduction. Recycled plastic (RPET).

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San benedetto, libera, benedicta p&p 0,5L

San Benedetto | Mineral waters

San Benedetto Libera

Ergonomic, practical and dynamic, to hydrate even on the go. San Benedetto Libera, Sport & Fun!

San Benedetto | Baby line

San Benedetto Baby Bottle

The purity of Antica Fonte della Salute, bottled in a protected environment: safe and ideal for the little ones.

San benedetto, acqua, esperienza bambini

dedicated to children

San Benedetto | Mineral waters

San Benedetto Millennium Water

Antica Fonte della Salute: millennial purity enclosed in an exclusive design for excellent restaurants.

San Benedetto | Mineral waters

San Benedetto Prestige Rose Edition

Elegance and value: the unique style of San Benedetto Prestige, the ideal line in the world of outside the home.

San Benedetto | Mineral waters

San Benedetto Elite

The exclusive design and practicality of PET bottles of San Benedetto Elite, dedicated to the Ho.Re.Ca. channel.

San Benedetto | Mineral waters

San Benedetto Tower

The new line with an elegant and refined design in 100% recyclable plastic, dedicated to the world of catering.


San benedetto, pura di roccia, naturale, 1,5L

Regional waters | Mineral waters

Pura di Roccia

Alpine, light and low in sodium: a minimally mineralized water thanks to its fixed residue of 38.6 mg / l. 

san benedetto, prodotti, acque, fonte corte paradiso 1,5L naturale

Regional waters | Mineral waters

Fonte Corte Paradiso

It originates in the Carnic Alps, flows in the heart of Friuli:  with oligoelements such as calcium and magnesium.

San benedetto, cutolo rionero, pet, 1,5L

Regional waters | Mineral waters

Cutolo Rionero

A unique effervescence and a precious mix of minerals: a balanced composition useful for the well-being of the body.

San benedetto, acqua, fonti

of our sources

Similar commitment to sustainability and quality throughout Italy can be achieved: we have identified six strategic water sources from North to South for their purity to get even closer to the distribution and consumers.

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Regional waters | Mineral waters

Acqua di Nepi

The favorite of the best chefs for its subtle and delicate effervescence: try it reinforced with source gas.

san benedetto, prodotti, acque, vivia 1,5L

Regional waters | Mineral waters

Vivia Mineral Water

The volcanic rocks of the Vicani mountains are enriched with minerals: a natural effervescence for the whole family.

San benedetto, acqua, fonte piacere

of pleasure

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