San Benedetto Premium Tea


San Benedetto Premium Tea

A recipe for the finest establishments, infused with fine tea leaves. An experience that involves all the senses.

Indian Black Tea Lemon
Indian Black Tea Peach
Matcha Green Tea

San Benedetto Premium Tea

Precious tea leaves, hand-picked and dried at low temperature, form the basis of the exclusive formula and selected blend of San Benedetto Premium Tea. Take a sensory journey with its rich and intense aroma, enclosed in a glass bottle with golden reflections, inspired by the elegant curves of ancient oriental perfumes.

What makes San Benedetto Premium Tea UNIQUE

San benedetto - Indian Black Tea - tè nero e tè matcha

Harmony of taste and smell. The characteristics of black and matcha tea are preserved in their entirety thanks to a cold fusion process. Its intense taste and unique aroma are the protagonists of a new recipe for a superior, rich and captivating tea.

San benedetto - Indian Black Tea, Stile glamour ed eleganza orientale

The freshness of fruit. The exclusive recipe of Indian Black Tea is based on pure natural mineral water from Fonte Benedicta which combines with the freshness of peach or lemon juice exclusively of Italian origin. Only natural sugars, without colorings or preservatives. The pleasure of quenching your thirst naturally.

San benedetto - Indian Black Tea - Stile glamour ed eleganza orientale

Glamorous style and oriental elegance. The glass casket is an emblem of luxury and glamor that pleases the eye with its thousand golden reflections and takes us to the elegance of oriental perfumes. The new premium refreshment symphony is ready to pour and enjoy.

Selected ingredients for an EXCLUSIVE blend

Matcha Tea

Black Tea

Italian fruit

San Benedetto Mineral Water

San benedetto - Matcha Tea

Matcha Tea

Matcha tea is a fine variety of Asian green tea, known for its finely ground powder of shade-grown tea leaves. This practice, which increases the chlorophyll and amino acid content, gives Matcha its characteristic bright green colour and unique umami flavour. Matcha, originally used by Zen Buddhist monks to enhance concentration, is also prized for its antioxidant properties and health benefits.

Tè Nero

Black Tea

Originally from China and then also cultivated in India and Sri Lanka, black tea is a variety with a dark color and an intense flavor that has unique characteristics compared to the others. This quality of tea contains more caffeine for a greater boost, but not only that, it is also rich in antioxidants that help prevent cell aging and support the well-being of the cardio-circulatory system.

Frutta italiana

Italian fruit

For our exclusive recipe we have used only fruit grown in Italy, an ingredient that combines with the richness of flavors and aromas thanks to its fresh vitality. San Benedetto Premium Tea offers only the authentic flavour, the fresh scent and the sweetness of peach and lemon juice, for a unique experience.

Acqua Minerale San Benedetto

San Benedetto Mineral Water

San Benedetto Premium Tea is a drink based on San Benedetto Benedicta mineral water. It was born in the Venetian Alps and on its way up to the Parco di Sile near Scorzè, it is enriched with minerals and trace elements which make it balanced and suitable for daily consumption for the whole family. The properties of this water are recognized by the Ministry of Health, indicating it as a good choice for low-sodium diets and to promote correct digestion and diuresis.

Prepare the most glamorous COCKTAILS with San Benedetto Indian Black Tea





San Benedetto MOROCCAN TEA


Non-alcoholic cocktail with a delicate, fresh and aromatic flavour. 

- San Benedetto Indian Black Tea Lemon 125 ml
- Fresh Lime Juice 22.5 ml
- Agave syrup 17 ml
- 2 sprigs of Thyme
- 5 mint leaves

Alcoholic version with Vodka 30ml

San Benedetto HONEY MULE


Non-alcoholic cocktail with a fresh, sweet and delicate flavour.

- San Benedetto Indian Black Tea Lemon 125 ml
- 4 fresh raspberries
- Honey 2 barspoons 6 ml
- Fresh lemon juice 5 ml
- Ginger Beer 30ml

Alcoholic version with Gin Dry 30ml

San Benedetto SEX ON THE PEACH


Non-alcoholic cocktail with a fresh, fragrant and thirst-quenching flavour.

- San Benedetto Indian Black Tea Peach 125ml
- Fresh lemon juice 22.5 ml
- Agave syrup 17 ml
- 2 sprigs of Lavender
- 5 Basil leaves

Alcoholic version with Gin 30ml



Non-alcoholic cocktail with an intense, refined and particular flavour.

- San Benedetto Indian Black Tea Peach 125ml
- Vanilla syrup 15 ml
- Fresh lemon juice 1 barspoon 3 ml
- 4 Basil leaves

Alcoholic version with Weiss beer 15ml

San Benedetto Premium Tea: the perfect tea for preparing precious cocktails

San Benedetto Premium Tea: il tè perfetto per preparare preziosi cocktail

Prepare your cocktail

Mixology Star

San Benedetto Premium Tea - Aggiungi i nostri Cocktail d'Autore al tuo Menu

Add our Signatur Cocktail to your Menu

Enchant your customers with the intensity of our finest tea, try the suggested cocktails or unleash your imagination and create new mixes based on San Benedetto Premium Tea.

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