San Benedetto Acqua Minerale Vivia


Vivia Mineral Water

It is enriched with minerals of the Vicani mountain vulcanic rock: Vivia is perfect for those who love a natural effervescence for the whole family.  

Fonte Vivia

Fonte Vivia naturally sparkling mineral water springs from the heart of the important volcanic water basin of the Vicani mountains, on the Via Amerina, a few dozen kilometres from Rome. It is by following its natural course through the rocky layers of volcanic origin that the water is enriched with mineral salts and natural effervescence.

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NETWORK of springs

A deep search of springs(Scorzè, Popoli, Viggianello, Donato, Atella and Pocenia) was taken through Italy, choosing them based on their geographical spot and the quality of their water. This is healthy for everyone, especially the environment, bringing the places of production closer to consumption.

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